Caterworx Credit Application

October 2021


Thank you to the businesses who have returned a credit application.

If you have not heard back from me, then all is good, and your account has been established.

If you want a terms account with us, I do need your account form returned prior to mid October, otherwise you will be set as a COD customer. We will be able to take payments on delivery of your goods, as the EFTPOS terminal will be mobile, or by card over the phone, once processed, either Mel or Nichole will call you back for your details so that payment can be processed.

If you don’t want a terms account with us, I still need the form completed please, but just the first page, so that we can update your details so that we have correct emails and contacts.

Please also note the new bank details for deposits, these have changed, and some clients are still paying into the old account, this is the reason that some of the invoices that you have paid are not showing as paid on your statements. Glenis and Kay are working hard to try to cross match the payments between accounts, so if we have missed any payments, please let us know with dates etc and we will update the payment.

I understand that there may be some frustration, but I ask if you could please be patient and we are all here to help and support our local and loyal customer base,

Many Thanks,

Stewart Fruhwald

General Manager

0407 626 555


ACCOUNT APPLICATION FOR                                                                              Credit Account    (Please tick)                                                                                                                      

Yes  Please complete pages 1 and 2 including the guarantee                                                                                                                                                                No (COD) Please complete page 1 only


Full Legal Name : 


Full Trading Name:


A.B.N. No:

A.C.N. No:

Street Address:                                   

Email address:

Suburb:                                    State:                P/C:

Tel. No

Postal Address (if different from above)

Fax No

Nature of Business:


Years in Business:


Accounts Contact Name



Telephone No:                         

Fax No:


Nominate Company Details

      Private (Pty Ltd)                  Public                  Partnership              Sole Trader               Trustee

Directors/Owners Details (circle which is applicable)Details

Name (1)                                                                                                       Name  (2) 

Address (1)                                                                         Address (2)



Suburb(1)                                          State                            P/C               Suburb(2)                                  State                       P/C


Licence No: (1)                                                                    Licence No:(2)

Date of Birth (1)                                                                   Date of Birth (2)



Maximum Credit Requested




Accountant/ Address







(i)                                          Phone No:                                  Email:

(ii)                                         Phone No:                                  Email:

(iii)                                        Phone No:                                  Email:


Please note the original of this document must be received by Caterworx Pty Ltd before consideration will be given to opening the account




  1. Acknowledgement of Disclosure of Credit Information to Credit Reporting Agency

      I/We acknowledge that the Privacy Act 1988 (C'wlth) permits Caterworx Pty Ltd to provide a credit reporting agency with personal information relating to my/our credit worthiness, as provided for by that Act, for the purpose of assessing my/our application for credit or the collection of any overdue payments.  I/we authorise [and accept] such disclosures.

 2 Authority for Credit Provider to Perform Certain Permitted Actions Concerning an Application to Finance

      I/We agree that, if required by Caterworx Pty Ltd, Caterworx Pty Ltd may obtain a report on my/our commercial credit worthiness or a report on my/our personal credit worthiness from a credit reporting agency; I/we agree that if Caterworx Pty Ltd considers it relevant to collecting my/our overdue commercial credit payments, Advantage Commercial Kitchens may receive a credit report concerning me/us and/or information about my/our personal or commercial credit arrangements and credit worthiness.      


  1. Acceptance of Caterworx Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions of Sale

      I/We acknowledge that the Caterworx Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions of Sale have been read and understand that all terms with-in are to be adhered to.


  1. Credit Trading Terms

      I/We acknowledge that the Caterworx Pty Ltd Credit Trading Terms of 7 days following date of invoice or otherwise as agreed.


 Signature of:           ___________________________                           

                                (1st Director/Partner/Individual)   

(Print Name)                                            Date


 Signature of:           ___________________________                          

                                   (2nd Director/Partner/Individual)       

(Print Name)                                           Date



IN CONSIDERATION of Caterworx Pty Ltd, ACN 646 987 537 of 190 Woodward Rd, Bendigo, 3550 (“the Supplier”) at my/our request extending credit for the supply of goods and/or services to the Customer.


I/We,                                                      and                                                                                      (print names)


of                                                           and                                                                                     (print addresses)                  

 (“the Guarantor/s”)

  1. hereby acknowledge that I/We have read and understand the Supplier’s Terms and Conditions.
  2. irrevocably and unconditionally, jointly and severally, guarantee to the Supplier the due and punctual payment of all moneys payable to the Supplier by the Customer on demand (including costs in accordance with Terms and Conditions) and indemnify the Supplier accordingly.
  3. agree to indemnify the Supplier against any loss of money due to the supply by the Customer under or relating to any sale by or credit granted by the Supplier to the Customer, including expenses and legal costs associated with the collection of outstanding monies, including any loss suffered by the Supplier as a result of the Customer’s failure to perform or observe any term and condition of credit or sale.
  4. now charge my/our interest in any real property registered in my/our names in favour of the Supplier to secure this guarantee and indemnity and authorise the lodgement of a caveat to support this charge.
  5. accept that my/our guarantee is unaffected by the enforceability of payment of any amount referred to in paragraph 2 of this guarantee by the liquidation or bankruptcy of the Customer, by the giving of time or any indulgence to the Customer by the Supplier or otherwise.
  6. agree that demand may be made of me/us by the Supplier without demand being made of the Customer. I/We accept that demand may be made of me/us by the Supplier without demand being made of the Customer



DATED: This…………………….day of………………………

Signed by the Guarantor:  …………………………………

In the presence of witness: …………………………………


Signed by the Guarantor:   …………………………………

Please print name of witness: ……………………………….